Easy Plus SR (SSIR)

New single chamber pacemaker based on an efficient microprocessor technology.

It is characterized by an accelerometric sensor for rate modulation according to patient’s chronotropic needs.
These characteristics, with a wide range of programmable parameters and functions, allow an effective optimization of therapy for each patient.


Special Functions :

  • Recognition of the type of the lead and of implant date
  • Advanced “Electrophysiology” section
  • Advanced frequency management



Sistema Rate Responsive

The Rate Responsive system is based on a sophisticated accelerometric sensor.

The system allows to program the rate responsive curve in frequency in a extremely flexible way.

Furthermore, the presence of 4 rate responsive predefined profiles for different patient’s style life and an automatic procedure of calibration make easier and faster activation and adjustment.




A wide diagnostic section, managed easily by programmer, allows to obtain all necessary information for an optimal pacemaker operation according to patient’s requirements.



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