Olympia Plus

The Plus you deserve to provide the best care to your pacemaker patients





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  • The innovative tool for an optimal follow-up
  • Software completely new in look and function
  • User friendly interface
  • Information organized according to the clinical aims
  • Database of follow-up checks collected for each patient
  • Wide and high definition screen
  • Wireless connection with ECG module and printer
  • Light and easily moved


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Master 1000

Master 1000 is the programmer expressly designed to manage Sophòs family and Helios pacemakers.
It can be used also with Millennium, Lindos and Easy family pacemakers, besides other previous manufactured models.
The management software in operative Linux system, its new technologic platform and easy and intuitive user interface allow to manage simply and fast follow-up pacemaker.
A high quality ECG allows to use the Master 1000 also as electrocardiograph, both during the follow up session and out of it.

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