Master 1000 programmer


Master 1000 is the programmer expressly designed to manage Sophòs family and Helios pacemakers.
It can be used also with Millennium, Lindos and Easy family pacemakers, besides other previous manufactured models.
The management software in operative Linux system, its new technologic platform and easy and intuitive user interface allow to manage simply and fast follow-up pacemaker.
A high quality ECG allows to use the Master 1000 also as electrocardiograph, both during the follow up session and out of it.

Programmer / Pacemaker Compatibility

Master 1000 allows to display and print contemporary till 4 ECG traces, intracardiac EGM, marker of temporal events and TVI signal (for pacemaker models provided with this sensor).

The first trace is always visible during all follow-up and it can be used to visualize markers that allow a constant control and easy pacemaker operating during the control.

An automatic follow-up procedure is available for Sophòs family and Helios pacemakers in order to execute automatically the main tests usually done in a follow up session.

It is available an aided follow up in which the screenshots of selected functions, tests and diagnostic management, are displayed in order to perform a predefined follow up.



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