Olympia Programmer




The innovative tool for an optimal follow-up

 Software completely new in look and function

 User friendly interface

 Information organized according to the clinical aims

 Database of follow-up checks collected for each patient

 Wide and high definition screen

 Wireless connection with ECG module and printer

 Light and easily moved


 Intuitive navigation focusing on the clinical needs

The user interface ensures a quick and guided access to the programming operations and the functional tests, and allows downloading the diagnostic information stored by the pacemaker.
Functions and pacing parameters relevant to a common clinical task are linked within dedicated sections, like: sensing/pacing, rate management, AV conduction and ventricular pacing reduction, SVT management, TVI configuration.


Main interactive screenshot

An interactive summary containing all basic information on the device status and pacing configuration is immediately available after interrogation.

 Device status

  • battery voltage and impedance
  • expected life
  • configuration of main pacing parameters.

 State of the patient

  • diagnostic data and report on tachyarrhythmic episodes.

 Electric measurements

  • leads impedance
  • pacing thresholds
  • amplitude of sensing signals.

Touching each field in the main screenshot directly opens the corresponding programming and diagnostic functions.


Control and regulation of the Haemodynamic pacing

The Olympia programmer is the ideal tool for the interaction with the TVI haemodynamic sensor. The wide screen allows real-time display of the TVI tracing at any working step, coupled with the surface ECG or the integrated intracardiac electrogram (iECG).
The function “TVI signal acquisition” works out the average TVI waveform over a programmable number of cardiac cycles and shows it with high definition. The present waveform can thus be compared with signals stored at previous checks, in order to test the stability of the haemodynamic performance of the heart.



Tachyarrhythmia monitoring

Information on tachyarrhythmic episodes recorded in atrium and ventricle is provided in comprehensive tables. By selecting the episode of interest, the TVI and iECG tracings recorded during the tachycardia are retrieved from the pacemaker memory, and displayed to be compared with the corresponding reference signals recorded in sinus rhythm. Based on the iECG evaluation, ventricular and supraventricular tachycardias can be easily discriminated. Moreover, the haemodynamic impact of the arrhythmia can be inferred form changes in the TVI waveform.


OLYMPIA Programmer

Dimensions (H x W x D) 310 x 410 x 90 mm

 Weight : 5,3 Kg

 Connections : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

 Power supply mains operated

 Software upgrade by USB pen


Programming head

grafico_olympia_7Equipped with an indicator of telemetric signal intensity and the emergency button, it is placed with its cable into the dedicated housing in the supporting base.




ECG module


 ECG : 10 channels / 12 traces

 Dimensions (H x W x D) : 100 x 60 x 25 mm

 Weight (cables included) : 250 gr

 Power supply : powered by two AA batteries

 Connection (to the programmer) : wireless connection by Bluetooth

 Information displayed:

  • battery charge
  • cardiac rate
  • absence / presence of connection to the electrodes
  • absence / presence of connection to the programmer

 Positioning placed with its cable in the programmer’s supporting base



InkJet A4 printout

 Mains power supply

 Wi-Fi connection with the programmer



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