Fully portable

ERMES is a hand held pacemaker reader allowing to check your patients in daily life. It can automatically generate a remote follow-up report, complete with all programmed parameters,
diagnostic information and tracings recorded by the stimulator during tachyarrhythmia episodes.
The follow-up controls can be scheduled according to your needs or performed whenever relevant symptoms are perceived. This way physician and patient are mutually in contact even at a distance.


Easy to use

  • User-friendly membrane keyboard with only one button to start pacemaker interrogation
  • Four lights and an acoustic alarm informing the user on the device operating status

Handy communication


No main supply required. A dedicated free
app for smartphone and tablet forwards the
report to the physician.




In alternative, the ERMES generated file can
be sent as email by means of a standard pc.




Information conveyed via Ermes

Full pacemaker configuration and diagnostic data with special regard to:

  • Stimulator battery status
  • Status and function of the leads
  • Occurrence, start and duration of tachycardia episodes
  • Intracardiac ECG recordings (iECG)

Data out of the normal range are highlighted in a dedicated frame at the beginning of the report.


How keeping in touch?



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Report transmission and Report display by smartphone

Report transmission and Report display by notebook

Report transmission and Report display by tablet


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