TVI Analyzer


TVI Analyzer – Take the right way at the start

What is the TVI Analyzer?

It is a 3-chamber pacing system analyzer (PSA), which can manage the TVI signal at the implantation.


What does it allow to do?

It allows to acquire, compare and automatically measure the TVI signal in various configurations. Well, besides the usual applications of a PSA!


And what is the TVI signal?

TVI (Trans-Valvular Impedance) is a system for cardiac impedance detection by means of standard pacing leads. The TVI waveform is sampled throughout each cardiac cycle and is modulated by the stroke volume and diastolic filling, being sensitive to changes in preload and contractility.


How should we use this PSA?

It communicates by telemetric link with the programmer, which allows performing the required tests. Is is connected to the intracardiac pacing leads by a resterilizable dedicated cable.


Which are the main applications, besides the usual electric measurements?

• This tool can be applied in any procedure where intracardiac pacing leads are implanted, including transvenous coronay sinus leads, and it can be an important source of clinical information.
• At the implantation of a permanent stimulator, the comparison of the TVI signal recorded with intrinsic conduction and ventricular pacing can indicate the most suitable pacing site, where the physiological cardiac mechanics is preserved.
• At the implantation of a Medico device, the ventricular lead can be settled aiming at the optimization of the TVI signal. This will allow to take the maximum benefit from the special pacing functions relying on the TVI sensor.


Light and easily operated.
It perfectly mimics the work of a single-, dual-, or 3-chamber permanent pacemaker, with total flexibility of the pacing configuration. Featuring the exclusive advantage of Trans-Valvular Impedance (TVI) detection and full management.


 The TVI analyzer performs in addition the usual PSA measurements: pacing threshold, lead impedance, amplitude of the sensing signal in atrium, RV and LV.
It allows graphic and digital comparison of several TVI waveforms.
It can store the acquired signals.
It can print a summary report on the performed tests.




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